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Miss Generation's Finalists 2020

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What is it Miss Generation?

The idea for Miss Generation came from normal women.They asked us why there were no competitions for older women. And it was true – we were meeting all these people with incredible stories but they couldn’t compete in most pageants because of the cut-off age. So we thought, why not?!

Miss Generation is a pageant like no others, it’s giving an opportunity to women that think that wearing a crown from a beauty pageant is long past them.

The idea behind the pageant came from all the woman which were asking “Why is the cut-off age at 28? What about all of us that are older, but are interested in taking part?”

So here we are! 

The pageant’s first edition was in January 2019 which was a great success!

The most 12 beautiful, stunning and strong women took part in the first edition, they presented themselves to an audience counting 300 people including all the friends and family which were there to support them! There were several international media attending the event as well as a few well known names. 

So why would anyone took part in the pageant? 

All the participants from last year took their confidence to a whole new level, they made friendships for life and had an experience of a lifetime. 

There are 3 main titles to win as well as complimentary ones, the Main Title of our first ever Miss Generation belongs to Shamila Mazhar which won a holiday stay in sunny Spain, appeared in many events and wears the crown proudly! 

We are so proud of her!

So, the question is? 

Will you be the next Miss Generation? 

Miss Generation beauty pageant is for ladies in 25-50 age. It doesn’t matter if you are married or have a kids, you can be short or tall, you can have model body or plus size body, you can have tattoos, piercing etc. You can show us anything what’s you, in you. You can dance, sing, shout or you can be quiet. It’s all about you … because every single woman have that something special.

There are three titles which you can win in it:
– Miss Generation – main title
– Princess of The Year (age 25-35)
– UK Ageless Beauty (age 35-50)

Also a few complementary titles like:
– Miss Hottie
– Miss Personality
– Miss Congeniality
– Miss Popularity
– Miss Glamour


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