Rosemary Wendt - Miss Generation 2021

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The candidate may not simultaneously take part in another beauty contest due to a conflict of interest and promotional activities.

The Miss Generation 2022 Gala, attended by the public, celebrities and media, will take place 1st of October 2022 at a luxury London venue followed by rehearsals, photoshoots etc.

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    Miss Generation winners



    Sometimes you’ll meet a friend in a café and learn stories about her life, envious that she has the free time to devote to activities that you would also like to do.
    But is it possible to stretch the day by working, taking care of the house, children, husband and pets? So many responsibilities within only 24 hours!
    You forgot about your dreams, or you still dream and do everything for others, but not for yourself. Or maybe you’re the friend who appears to have everything, especially as a professionally fulfilled wife or mother. Yes, there’s something missing! Women…Mother…Wife.
    We all have have different dreams. The phrase, ”it’s never too late” comes to mind. Perhaps you’re looking for a new motivation by saying, “Yes, it’s my time. Now and here!”


    Have you ever dreamed about the adventure of being on the stage, where the professionals take care of you: make-up artists, stylists, hairdressers, photographers, choreographers, and, the media.
    You! At the centre of attention! Can you imagine it? Did you want it as a teenager, but something did not work out? “It’s never too late” … repeat this sentence like a mantra and start acting.
    And we are here to help you.
    We’re looking for elegant women aged 35-55, as well as young adult women aged 25-35 who want to experience adventures and take part in creating a beautiful pageant – Miss Generation.
    You can have children, a husband, a tattoo, short hair. You can be plus size. Yes, that’s right, plus size! We are looking for women living in the UK, who seem to think that the chance to be a “Miss” has passed. We’re looking for candidates who want to understand and learn more about themselves. Our competition is an opportunity to develop your personality and self-confidence. A chance to show “It’s me” to the world. Only through the appreciation of our ambitions, are we able to feel happiness for ourselves and others around us. So, Is Miss Generation the choice for you? Because we’re convinced that it is. Don’t look for a reason to avoid participating in this competition.
    Apply to the brand and experience an amazing adventure among professionals. The Miss Generation team waiting for you!

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