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We have a new Queen

What a night it was!

We are so proud of every single candidate that took part in Miss Generation 2020 – they all went through an incredible journey!

So, the candidates with the titles are:

Miss Generation 2020 – Paulina Falger
Princess of the year 2020 – Chantelle Rougier
UK Ageless Beauty 2020 – Monika Rejmemt

Miss Glamour 2020 – Roksana Ciesielczyk
Miss Hottie 2020 – Marta Wiśniewska
Miss Personality 2020 – Maria Sima
Miss Popularity 2020 – Naima Tahlil
Miss Congeniality 2020 – Mariola Kwaśniewska

Congratulations! 🎉

Thank you to all the guests that were with us!

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